Behind the Words

Emily Mendez

I am a writer and a former psychotherapist. I founded Emily Mendez Content to help businesses grow with strong content that stands out. 

My writing has been featured in eCounseling, TherapyTribe, Migraine Again, and many more. I help fuel the conversation on mental health and wellness by writing thought-provoking articles and blog posts. 

In addition, I have been interviewed by INSIDER, Family Circle, Healthline, and other national media for my expert opinion and practical advice on psychology, parenting, relationships, and trending mental health topics.

I use my knowledge of brand psychology and consumer behavior to create articles, blog posts, and social media ads to help businesses authentically connect with audiences. 

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Behind the Design

Martha Kapima

Martha helps out with the graphic design for Emily Mendez Content. Not only is Martha an awesome and creative artist, but she is also Emily's sister -- which explains why they work so well together! 


Martha graduated from Indiana University Herron School of Art with a bachelor's degree in fine arts and a minor in psychology. 


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